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 Lapis Locations

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~~~Guild Leader~~~

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PostSubject: Lapis Locations   Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:16 am

Part 1: Where to get the lapis's
Part 2: How to link them
Part 3: What to link.

Part 1: Where to get the lapis’s:

Level 1 to 4 lapis are pretty easy to obtain. Level 5 to 7 is a bit harder, and you’ll need at least 50+ toons for that.

Note: level 1 to 3 can be bought in the Guildhouse, at the accessory merchant.

Level 1:
In Proelium, the 1-15 pvp map. You can go there from level 1 to 15 by going through a portal in Keo on map 1. Normal mobs all over the map drop them. Level needed to farm: 1-15

Level 2: In Pharos, a dungeon in Cantabillian, the 20-30 pvp map. All mobs in the Pharos dungeon drop level 2s. Level needed to farm: 20-30

Level 3: In D1, which is in D-Water aka Karis. It’s the first portal outside the Karis gates. The boss in Pharos also has a chance to drop level 3s. Level needed to farm: 35+

Level 4: In D2, which is also in D-Water. It’s the second portal outside of the Karis gates. Theres also a small chance that mobs around the D-Water altars drop level 4s. Level needed to farm: 45+

Level 5: These can only be farmed in Cave of Stigma, on map 3. From Apulune, port to the Huigronn Stronghold and go west. Note that you will need a party to enter. Inside Stigma are 10 bosses, they drop level 5s. These bosses are pretty hard and I recommend being 55+ to farm there. Level needed to farm: 55+

Level 6: Can only be farmed in an instance called Oblivion Insula (often shortened to OI). If you’ve watched trade for a bit you’ll have noticed they often ask for fillers for OI. To enter OI you’ll need to have a party of at least 7 members. OI is in Dinos, to get to Dinos you’ll have to go to Karis in D-Water. Dinos is also called Stable Erde and is the second portal inside the Karis walls. In OI there are boxes that drop level 6 lapis, but the chance to get one is really small. There are also bosses, their drop chance is much higher, but they are very hard. Level needed to farm: 65+

Level 7: This level of lapis can only be obtained through quests. These quests are available for level 60+ in Valdemar Regnum (VR). Once you hit level 60, three quests will show up in the Temporary Post. Take them all. One of the quests requires you to kill 12 boars, one requires 20 Sharp Claws and the other requires 20 Living Hearts. The one for the 12 boars is a follow up quest. Start by doing this one. Join token raid and ask them to kill 12 boars. Once its finished, hand it. The next quest requires you to collect Blood Samples of wolves. Again, join token raid. This time collect the drops on the ground after they’ve killed wolves. Hand in the quest again once you’ve got enough. The last follow up quest requires you to kill Toto and get his collar. Ask token raid to kill Toto for you and collect the drop. After Toto is down and you’ve handed in the quest, three more quests are unlocked. Take all of them. Now you can start tokening! These quests require you to kill 200 boars, wolves or bears and collect 20 Sharp Claws and 20 Living hearts. Every time a quest is done you will get “a Token of Light”. Once you got 10 of them you can exchange them for a Regnum Lapis Box in Arke. Port to Arke and accept the quest from the ranger next to the gatekeeper. The Regnum Lapis Box contains a random level 7 lapis or a Regnum Potion which is useless. You can either open the Box or sell it at the Auction House. Level needed to farm: 60-62
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~~~Guild Leader~~~
~~~Guild Leader~~~

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PostSubject: Re: Lapis Locations   Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:07 am

Part 2: How to link them:

Linking lapis is pretty easy, actually. All you need is some slotted gear/weapon and a lapis. Now go to a Blacksmith (there is one in every big city, the Auction House, and the Guild House [Which We cant use as of yet]). Click on "Repair Weapon" and then “Link/Extract” and put the gear in the slot, after that put the lapis in the linking slot. Just click on “Link Lapis” and it will calculate the % chance to link, press "OK" and you're done!. High level lapis have less % chance to link, level 6 and higher is 1% even at full bless.
Note: You should only try to link lapis at high bless! This means only when bless is above the picture of the head.

There are ways to increase the linking chance. This is done by buying a “Linking Hammer”. There are several Linking Hammers, from level 1 to 7. Logically, level 7 gives more extra chance than level 1. Other Linking Hammers are Operator’s Exclusive and Perfect Linking Hammer. Operator's Exclusive (Known as OPs and used as a currency) give linking chance 20-50% while Perfect Linking Hammer (Known as PLH) gives 100% chance.
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Blood Wolf
Blood Wolf

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PostSubject: Part 3: Where to get them   Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:33 am

For everyday toons you should be linking like this:

Healing Priests: Wise or Safe to live longer. Mental in Acessories. Add Vigor if you cant buff.

Battle Priests: Wise or Safe. Mystic to do more Dmg. Mental in Acessories. Vigor if you cant buff.

Rangers: Craft, Shrewd and Fortune. Linking Vigor to Acessories.

Archers: Craft, Shrewd and Fortune. Linking Vigor to Acessories.

Fighters: Mainly Safe, then Shrewd and lastly Craft. Linking Vigor in Accesories, Mental if you cant buff.

Rec Defenders: Safe, Wit in helmet and Wise if you have no wis in your build. If your helmet isnt slotted Link a bit of Wise. Mainly Mental in accesories.

Battle Defenders: Depends on your build. Craft and Shrewd work well. But some Luc defs like Fortune.

Mages: Safe for anti-squishyness, Int for Magic Dmg, Some Wise for mp bonus + Magic Defense. Mystic in Accesories.

In general you should link Assault to all weapons, Craft to Melee weapons/Mystic to Magic weapons. Linking Debuffs if possible. If you can afford it link an ele.
In tops you should aim for 1 ele. But beware, you'll be squishy against one element. A cost effective lapis to link in tops is Forbid.

For 30 GRB:

The above applies to GRB: Craft/Mystic in weapons with Assault. Forbid in tops. Wit in helmets. And the above stat lapis's in gear/shields. Accesories can be linked with Mystic/Vigor. If you have spots left over try linking Life for more hp (this only links to gear). Dont worry too much about debuffs unless you pvp. They wont work on bosses and hopefully you can kill fast enough to not rely on them.

For GRB you should be aiming to link Duals and Lvl4s If you can. If possible try 5s and at the extreme go for 6s just bear in mind that these are hard to link and expensive.
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PostSubject: Re: Lapis Locations   

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Lapis Locations
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