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 Heroic Top/Pants/Weapon

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PostSubject: Heroic Top/Pants/Weapon   Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:37 pm

Apart from the AH Board there are only 3 Places one can get Heroic Tops/Pants or Weapons. Here are our 3 very smexy handsom lil bosses and a short description. Thanks to Aria for Pharos SS (sorry I messed up the quality).

1.) CR1 - Loca

Loca has a 30 minute spawn and if you're lvl30 you can kill him easily enough. If your gear isnt great id suggest taking mini HP pots because he does have poison which can be deadly at low hp. Loca is often farmed by higher lvls which is the downside.

2.) CR2 - Asmo

While Asmo has 1 hour spawn he isnt farmed by higher lvls (only 1-35 can get into CR2). He is farmed by a small group of people. He hits harder than Loca so you should take some pots but unlike Loca he doesnt have a debuff.

3.) Pharos - Pharos

Pharos being an ugly over weight floating green thing. She has a 1 hour spawn. She also has a wind elemental aoe and hits pretty hard. She is easy enough to kill if she doesnt kill you first. She drops weapons and gear above 30 too which is useless to the guild and doesnt sell well. She also drops a lvl3 lapis, also useless.

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Heroic Top/Pants/Weapon
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