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 News on EP6

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PostSubject: News on EP6   Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:13 am

This is what the new gear will supposedly look like...

AGE Project Manager Spaznick wrote:

Never say never, it was something that had crossed my mind. If we do one, it would take awhile to work out the best course of action. For now we are focusing on new players and revamping the beginning of the game as well as rewards for loyal older players.

There are a few issues here and I think these should be addressed first:

-Economy (working on a much more comprehensive solution early next year)
-New player experience, this is something we are working on right now

After those two things have been worked out, we look at server balance, which servers would be best merged and if they should be merged at all. Let's just say there is a lot of room to make some significant changes here to new and later gameplay elements. You will be noticing patches coming up that help to make the game more enjoyable at all levels and increase the PVP demand greatly.

In fact, I will clue you in on a few things in the pipeline and some are not too far off now:

-New combination mechanic (combine old useless lapis for better lapis, recs and lapisia)
-New wedding map (this should be real soon)
-New instanced dungeon changes (I.E. making existing 1-50 dungeons instanced)
-New PVP ranks (upto 1 mil pvp kill count, OCT timeframe)
-New economy system (still just the early stages here)
-New EP 6 (June 2012)
-Revised low level boss/raid drops
-New trade lock window (next patch)
-New content PVP/other (oct)
-Leveling changes

and many other things I can't remember atm lol

Just thought I would pop in and comment, after all I do read the posts when I can Wink

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News on EP6
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