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 Dread Gaunts Quest Guide

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PostSubject: Dread Gaunts Quest Guide   Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:15 pm

Before you can start the dread quests you need to do some quests for Creath Question. You can find them here

What you should know about the dread quests first is that you can only start them from a dropped item. The items drop from several mobs:

Gaunts: Julia Dillon
Item needed: Poemas Mandolin
Boots: Swordtail Sealakel Fighters
Item needed: Monkeys Skull
Pants: Orc Robbers
Item needed: Empty Trunk
Top: Priest Dempnum
Item needed: Lens Bow

Please Note: The Drops from the dread quests can take along time to get sometimes. Do not give up! This is usually just bad luck.

The dread quest map:

In this guide I’ll only discuss the gaunts.

Like you can see above, the gaunts are obtained from the Poemas Mandolin drop from Julia Dillon.
She is located in the middle of a lake known as Fed Lake and looks like a lvl15 priest (The big red dot on the map).
To get the drop, just keep killing her. She'll drop eventually, even tho it might seem like an eternity.

Once you have the drop, the quest window should pop up immediately. If this is not the case, you might be a too low level (lvl25 is the minimum level to do this quest) or haven't completed the previous quests (See other topic).

Accept the quest and go to Poema. She is located in Haldeck Farm (Small red dot on the map).
Accept her quest and kill Formal Wills, Julias lover. He is located at the same spot at Julia.

Once he's down too, report back to Poema. After that you can complete this series of quests by going to the armor merchant in Arktuis Vill (Pink dot on the map). There you can choose gaunts and for which class you want them. Then you can start doing the next quest.
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Dread Gaunts Quest Guide
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