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 Where to Farm 1-70

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PostSubject: Where to Farm 1-70   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:07 pm

This guide will be split into two sections: Solo Farming and Duo Farming. Please note that any location mentioned in Solo Farming is applicable for Duo Farming too but not the other way round. Also note that a stack refers to 10.

Solo Farming 101:
1-10 - Gold Apples in Beika/<Confirm>. These sell for 3-5mil per stack if you're lucky.
11-20 - At roughly 18+ you should be able to farm CR for Noble 1-15 gear. Tops/Pants/Boots will fetch up to 100mil depending on the orange stats. Refer to AH board for exact prices.
21-30 - Broken Cores, Essence of Witch and Thin Meats in map 2 can be used to make Etin. 2 of the SAME item will make 1 Etin. (e.g 4 Broken Core - 2 Etin), this is available from a quest just outside of Arktuis Vill on the North West (available from darkie NPCs standing in a stone circle). These quests are repeatable. 1 Etin will fetch up to 5mil, but usually around 2-3.
21-30 - Spirit Cores. These can be sold Seperatly or Used for the lvl30 Helmet Quest if you're not using this for GRB. This quest can only be done once and requires 30 cores. 1 Spirit Core is roughly 1-3 Mil each. 1 Helmet is between 30-50mil.
30-35 - Farm Loca/Asmo For heroic 20-30 Tops/Pants. The higher the HP Orange stats the better. This can give between 200-700mi Depending on the orange stats as well as the class and piece.
35-40 - Magic Leather in Karis (D-Water). Watch out for darkies. This drops from Spotted Leopards, Bisons and Wolves near Etnis Relic. 1 Stack of Magic Leather goes for 100-200mil. And if you're lucky you'll get Cursed Magic Leather which goes for 300mil EACH.
40-50 - Do the 43 epic Quest and sell the Arcane Pots. You get 20 so thats 2 stacks. Each stack goes for 400-500mil each. So 800-1bil For Both.
50-60 - If you're a priest or def Stig For lvl5 lapis's might just work. You'll need 2 people to get in however.
50-60 - Try OI box smashing by going to Dinos (Stable Erde, also known as Jungle Map, Portal in Karis) when you see people asking for OI fillers. Then ask if there is a token raid or 1-15pvp raid. Join if yes. Go inside and Box smash. I suggest learning the route from an experienced guildie first. You wont always get good drops (lvl6 lapis's) and you'll need a new raid each time.
50-60 - Dual Lapis's in Dinos/DD1. Fetching between 10-100mil each Depending on the type. Dont bother with DD2 Acc Duals.
60 - Tokens is widely considered the easiest way to make big cash fast. Its nearly worth the boredom. 2-3 Hours can Result in 2-2.5bil. Unless you open the box and find a regnum potion. If you can get a lvl7 however, you'll be able to get between 2.5-6bil.
61-70 - A def or Priest could farm Greendieta Souls in Sky City (Middle of Karis) 10 Souls gives on Weapon Box. Not much money available from these unless you get Legendary or Goddess Weapons. At the same time SC2 has treasure chests. These have lvl6 Debuffs inside them. Slowmo goes for +-50mil, Slumber for 70-100mil and Toxin for 150-200mil. BlindSide/Crawl/Freeze/Pain go for a few ops each but are rare. All the others are about 3-10mil each.

Duo Farming 101:
20-70 - CT (Cryptic Throne) Near White Sands Harbor in map2. Theres a Gate Keeper in the Guild House. Expect to die. One Person must run through the mobs and hope one will use eraser. If they just kill you then its pointless. The lower your hp the harder this is. If a baby dragon does use eraser it will kill itself too and might drop Parrdalis of Heart/Wing. These are about 3mil each. The second person will have to run into the room and pick up the drop without/before dieing.
50-60 - Stig, Although slow at this lvl, will be a lot easier to duo than solo.
50-60 - Again Duals will be easier to Duo in Dinos and DD1.
60-70 - Sky City will be managable, so you will be able to do full runs killing both the angels and boxes.
60-70 - If your Killer is 67+ you can do OI bosses, priests can be 60+ (even 55+ tbh).
65-70 - Mystra Boxes in PL. They're rare unless you kill the elemental bosses and they arent easy to duo.
70 - QV...All I can say is that I hope you're an Uber Rec Priest and Rec Def if you want to survive for long. The seemingly useless drops in QV can sell for up to 300mil each if they're Enchant Items. Bosses drop 70 weapons if you can handle them. These still go for a couple of ops each.
70 - CS. In Dinos, near OI its the floating Caleum Greendieta. Mobs randomly drop Weapon/Armor Lapisa which go for 200-300mil each.

Guild Farming 101:
All of the above is available to the guild.
40+ - Anky. Hes a Orc inside Mait 2. He drops 1 Leg Gear and 1 Leg weapon at a time and has a +-4hr spawn time.
55+ - Kimu. Hes a troll in D2 Lvl3 (Dungeon 2lvl3 in Karis) He drops 2 ele lvl1s at a time and has a +-12hr spawn time.
70 - OI, SC, CS and QV will be more managable in a guild raid.
70 - Laslty the ROTCO Dungeon in PL. To do this we need to have a raid of 70s with good gear and who have completed the 70 quest that drops in QV. Its no easy task and what we're aiming to achieve before the next ep begins.
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Where to Farm 1-70
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